Group Settings Options

There are a number of options for you to enable when creating a group or by performing an Edit at a later point. The options are based on different features available in the database to increase interaction with your members and enable your members to interact with each other.

Group Feature Icons

On the Groups screen, Settings and Actions Columns columns include helpful icons with tooltips so you can quickly identify which features are enabled for a Group. 


Here is what they mean …

  • Groups-Attendance-Enabled-Icon.png→ Individual Attendance allows for church staff or volunteers to take attendance digitally for people. Useful for small groups and other gatherings.

  • Groups-Check-In-Enabled-Icon.png → Check-in has been enabled. As needed, print name badges or check-in receipts with security codes. 

  • Groups-Group-Finder-Enabled-Icon.png → This Group appears in the Group Finder. (The Group Finder can be used to show Groups available to join. Embed the Group Finder on your website or make it available within our integrated Mobile App)!

  • Pencil-Edit-Icon.png → Open a Group to view the members, add or remove individuals, make mass changes, and much more!

  • Groups-Clone-Group-Icon.png → Clone (duplicate) a Group. When you're creating multiple similar Groups, this tool can be a huge time-saver!


Group Settings Features and Options

When you edit a group, you're presented with a robust page of options. Below, we've broken down the options and features by heading. 

Pro-Tip: Most every organization can take advantage of Group Properties, a method to 'tag' Groups for easy filtering, reporting, and more. Learn more!


Group Properties

Use the [ Edit ] link right under the Meeting Day / Time fields to add a property or properties. There are a few setups by default, but this is a very customizable and powerful tool for more easily managing your Groups, especially when combined with Group Views (saved lists of Groups).

Group Settings Edit Group Properties.png

Use the checkbox to select as many properties as needed to clarify the Group and make it easy to filter later. Properties are also helpful with setting up your Check-In stations. For example, you can control what Groups will display in any given station based on the group properties assigned. 

For more on how to manage and use Group Properties, see Settings: Group Properties.

Archive a Group


Sometimes, you may want to hide a group from your Groups list, but want to keep it for historical reasons such as attendance data or other details. 

Archive on a mass scale from the Groups screen by checking off the desired groups, then by clicking on the Tri-Dot icon at the top right, then on Mass Archive/Activate



Alternatively, when you're editing an individual group, click on the Tri-dot icon and click Inactivate.



Group Finder

Group Settings Group Finder Options.png

You can only choose one of the options: Allow people to add themselves or Allow people to request to join the group. Selecting one will disable the other.

  • Allow people to add themselves: When enabled, individuals will immediately be added to the Group. If you select this option, you can set a limit for the number of people that can be in the group. If you leave it blank, there will be no limit.

  • Allow people to request to join the group: When enabled, an individual can request to join using a similarly titled button *(screenshot from our integrated Mobile App below). As soon as they do, an approval email will be sent to the group's leader before that person can be added to the roster. If the group does not have a group leader, the request notification will be sent to the Administrators instead. 



Member Groups

These two permission options 'stack' upon each other.

  • Allow People to Know They're Members allows individuals within a group to see ONLY the Group Name.
  • Allow Members...To View Other Active Members allows individuals within the group to view other members and the profile information other members have chosen to share. 
    • Note: Profile Visibility provides ministry staff or group members the ability to control what personal information Group Leaders or Members can view. 

Group Settings Group Member Options.png


Individual Attendance and Check-In

Selecting the Track Individual Attendance option means that attendance needs to be taken on an individual basis. If you don't select this option, the only attendance that can be entered for this group is a single overall number total of people in attendance. Typically, Individual Attendance is used for small groups like Bible Studies and choir practices, and the total attendance option is used for large gatherings like a worship service.


Group Settings Attendance and Check-In.png


Selecting the Use for Check-In button will allow people to use Check-In via web browser, iPad App, our integrated Mobile App, and more. Check-In simplifies and automates your attendance process, as well as includes the ability to print labels, name tags, and security receipts. Get a great start and Learn More about check-in here!




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