Check-In Label Format Options

We provide several simple and easy-to-read label options. Our label and name-tag options are optimized particularly for individuals and Group names of various lengths. 



The Label Format Options setting includes three label options for each group being used for check-in.


While the specifics of how each label option looks will vary based on the printer and label size, all should appear similar. The Child Label and Guardian Label may change with specific Check-in Station options selected, such as "Include Children's Names On Guardian Receipt.

Applying a label format will only influence browser-based Check-In at at this present time. Adding formatting options to the iOS Check-In app will be coming in a future release.

Pro-Tip: You can request to use an alpha-numeric Random Security Code system instead of the traditional 3-digit numeric system. To have this option turned on in your instance, please contact our Support Team


Child Label


Child Label (with Note)


Name Tag


Name Tag with Group

Note: The ability to create fully custom labels is a common request; we look forward to adding flexibility in the future.



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