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If you are a ShelbyNext Membership customer,
here's how to get help when you need it!

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Contact Support

(Note: While we'll assist as much as possible, please be aware that our Support Team is primarily equipped to assist with How-To or Break/Fix type issues).


Phone: (888) 697-4352   |   7AM - 6PM CST

Shelby Community: Find solutions and communicate with other Shelby users. Post questions, get answers, and share ideas.

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Pro-Tip: Sign up for a Help Center Account using your primary email. Whether you email us or open a ticket, all your ticket history will be saved for future reference! (below)




Why does ShelbyNext Membership have separate support information? What's the difference?

Our Church Management Software (ChMS), whether ShelbyNext or another Brand Name, is the exact same software solution. For an interim period, we're providing separate Support "pathways" to provide the best customer experience possible.

That said, don't be afraid of accidentally selecting the wrong ticket form. Both teams work very closely together and can handle every question you can throw their way!


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