Christmas or Advent Scheduled Email

The holidays are quickly approaching! A weekly scheduled email is a great way to engage your community this season.

With help from our friends at ShareFaith, we've pre-created an email series to engage your Kid's Ministry with weekly Christ-centered reminders of the Christmas Story!




Use this "How-To" article and the resources referenced below each week of the Advent season.

We hope it provides your kids and families with conversation opportunities about the birth of Jesus and what His life means for us!


ShareFaith Media & Kids is a tremendous source to download editable graphics, videos, children's resources, and more!


Let's Get Started!

Scheduled email requires Mass Messaging; you'll need to enable Mass Contact within your ChMS. (Nope: no hidden fees for mass email! Learn how to enable Mass Email in 2 Minutes!)


Next, because emails are sent to Groups, you'll need a Group that includes all the contacts you'd like to reach. If you don't have one already, follow these two simple steps.

How to Create a Group For Mass Communication

(1) Create Your Group

Click Groups in the Left Navigation Bar

Click Create a Group in the Membership Status box.

Name your group and add a description if desired.

Scroll down and click the blue Save button in the bottom left corner.

(2) Populate Your Group

Last, add individuals to your Group. We suggest adding multiple individuals at once.


How to Schedule Your Email

Choose Mass Contact in the Left Navigation Menu.


Click New Message in the upper right corner.

Click Email in the pop-up.

Select the group you will send to and who to include.

If you added the parents – choose This person. If you added children to the group – choose The person’s parent.


Add your message:

  1. Decide if you want to personalize your email with names; check or uncheck the box accordingly (See our Pro-Tip below).
  2. Add your subject
  3. Add your message 
    1. Download our sample 4-week email series or create your own
    2. Attach any resources
  4. Choose Schedule for Later and enter the date & time
  5. Click Schedule

Pro-Tip: Personalize your message by adding @NAME or @FULLNAME placeholders to insert an individual's first or first/last name, respectively.


Repeat these steps for each week’s email, and you're done!!!


If needed, learn more about mass email!



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