Step 2: Add People

Now that you've got the basic settings set up, it's time to start adding Individuals. 

There are currently two options for adding people to your system - a manual input or to import using a CSV. 


Manual Input

This option is great for newer churches or for those with paper records. 

  1. Navigate to the Individuals page, then click +Add.

    ind add.png

  2. Fill in all the information you have for the person, including their name, gender, contact info, address, birthday, and any notes you may want to add.

  3. Search for and select the Groups you want this individual to be a part of. (Because we're just getting started, there will most likely be no Groups at this point. You will want to come back and add individuals to Groups later.)

  4. Click Save.


Import using CSV

Importing using a CSV file allows you to quickly bring records into your database. This option is great for larger churches or for churches with a digital exported list of their people records.

  1. Ensure that all of your information is sorted properly in your CSV, and that each column has a column header, as shown in the example below.


  2. Navigate to the Individuals page, then click Import

    import button.png

  3. Click Create New Records as you won't need the system to check for duplicate records while bringing in people records for the first time.

    create new.png

  4. Click the Upload CSV File button and locate and select the CSV file on your computer.

  5. Next, use the drop-down fields to select the appropriate Individual field you would like to match to the columns that exist in your imported CSV file. If there is no import field that matches, you can leave it blank.

    import field.png

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the next screen, you will be able to see the list of all the individuals that will be imported and added to your People database. Click Proceed With The Import

  8. When the import is finished, you will see a success banner letting you know how many individuals were imported and you will be able to find those people on the Individuals page.


NOTE: After you're finished importing individuals, you will want to connect family members together.


Next: Step 3 - Create Security Roles


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