Step 1: Configure Basic Settings

Welcome to the ChMS Quick Start Guide! We'll take you through some easy steps to get you started using the ChMS system. There will be more you can set up and learn later, but for now, let's get started! 


Step 1

Once you're in the People module, navigate to the Settings menu in the upper-right corner (Gear icon > Settings) then work your way through each of the following tabs listed below. 



Note: We won't be going through all the tabs right now in the Quick Start Guide. You'll be encouraged to come back and go through the other tabs later, once you have the initial setup complete.


General Tab - Enter your ministry information, timezone, campuses if applicable, etc. to ensure your reports display accurately. When you're finished, click Save. (Find more information on General Settings HERE.)

Profile Tab - Under Configurable Fields, add needed Date and Text fields important to your ministry processes (e.g. Baptism Date or Marital Status). When you're finished, click Save. (Find more information on Configurable Fields HERE.)

Giving Tab > Giving Options and Categories - Add Giving Categories (e.g. General Fund, Tithes, Missions, etc.). When you're finished, click Save

Services Tab - Under SMS & Voice Messaging, enter your information, then click Sign Up. (Find more information on SMS & Voice Messaging signup HERE.)


Video Overview:

This video overview may include some out-of-date images. We appreciate your patience as we work to get these videos updated. 


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