Mass Delete Based on Giving

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If you would like to mass delete records from your database, one way to quickly accomplish this is by utilizing giving records.

It’s imperative that your organization keeps up-to-date giving records in order to process this option accurately.


Step 1

Create a temporary group that includes individuals who HAVE contributed, along with their family members.

Click Groups → Add, name your group, and save it.


Step 2

Run a giving report. Click Reports → Giving → Summary. Set your preferred date range and click APPLY.

Click the three-dot menu and choose Add or Remove from Groups to move your results to the group you just created. It’s important to choose All Individuals in Family from the Take Action On drop down. This will ensure that not only the primary contributor is selected, but all other members of the household are chosen as well. Click GO.


Step 3

Once you have your group of contributors created, click Advanced (in the top header bar) to go to Advanced Search.

Locate the field Not in Groups and choose your group of active contributors. Since you’ve created a group of individuals who Have contributed, buy using the Not in Groups field, you’ll see everyone else in your database – those who have NOT contributed. Scroll to see your results.


Step 4

From the gear icon choose the option, Add or Remove from Groups. Then, add your results to the group, To Be Deleted.


It is recommended you take time to double check the individuals in your To Be Deleted group.

Once you are satisfied with the individuals in this group, click the gear icon and choose, Export to .CSV. Choose “Full” and click EXPORT. Finally, permanently delete these records from your system.

There is un-do option available at this point, so take caution before deleting records from your system.

For deleted individuals who contributed outside the window of your giving report, those contributions will be marked as anonymous (Reports → Giving → By Anonymous).





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