Mass Delete Based on Attendance

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If you would like to mass delete records from your database, one way to quickly accomplish this is by utilizing attendance records.

It’s imperative that your organization keeps up-to-date giving records in order to process this option accurately.


Step 1

Create a group that will house these records temporarily until you’re ready to permanently delete them from your system.

Click Groups → Add, name your group and SAVE it. We recommend using the phrase, To Be Deleted, or something similar to easily define this group.


Step 2

Click Advanced to go to Advanced Search.

Locate the field, Last Attended Date, choose Before, and enter your preferred date.  This date looks cumulatively across all groups that track individual attendance in your database, such as worship services, small groups, Sunday school classes, etc.

Scroll to see your results.

From the gear icon choose Add or Remove from Groups and add your results to the group, To be Deleted.


It is recommended you take time to double-check the individuals in your To Be Deleted group.

Once you are satisfied with the individuals in this group, click the gear icon and choose Export to .csv. Choose “Full” and click EXPORT.

Finally, permanently delete these records from your system.

There is un-do option available at this point, so take caution before deleting records from your system.





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