Why make Group Members Inactive - and what happens when you do?

Why make a Group Member Inactive anyway?

Before you remove a person from Group, consider these top reasons changing them to inactive may be helpful.

  • Don't lose Attendance History! Removing a person from a Group will delete all their Group attendance history. Permanently.

  • Retain their Join Date. This could be helpful for future trend reports or other needs.

  • Call in the Reserves! In service or volunteer groups, it's sometimes helpful to see former participants if a need arises to enlist further volunteers - even on a temporary basis.

  • Leadership Sabbaticals: Some organizations require time off to avoid ministry burnout (an excellent idea for your volunteer leaders, too!) Make your leaders inactive in their Groups to provide a reprieve from Mass Communication to those Groups.


What happens when you make a Group Member Inactive?



When you choose to Inactivate People from a Group within your database, a few things will happen:

  1. First, that person will no longer receive Mass Contacts (Email, SMS, etc.) that are sent to that particular group.
  2. Secondly, when taking attendance for that Group, this Individual will not appear as a member of the group.

Pro-Tip: If a future need arises to include inactive individuals in a mass message, you can select Include Inactive when composing your communication.


Choosing the make someone inactive within a group does not remove that person from your database.

After deactivating a member, that member will no longer be visible in the group unless you filter by inactive individuals.


How to Filter for Inactive Group Members

After selecting a Group, click the Tri-Dot Icon in the top right corner, then select Filter from the dropdown menu.




Select Show Inactive Individuals, and then click the Filter button. 




Distuguish between Active & Inactive Group Members

After selecting a group, select the Fields drop-down menu, then select Active? as one of the columns to display. When the Show All People filter is selected, the Active? column will display Y or N for active or inactive individuals.



Pro-Tip: You can also view a log of when individuals were made Inactive under the Group Activity Tab or on their Timeline!




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