Schedules: How to Send Reminders

How to Send Reminders

Use the bell icon to open up the reminders tool. You will be presented with an easy-to-read modal showing all the reminder options available.

location for Schedule reminders


Use the Reminder On Toggle to activate the reminders. From there, add your options to notify serving members:


Reminder Options

  • Send as Email, Text, or both using the provided radio buttons. If you haven't enabled text messaging, you'll be presented with a link provided to sign up.

Note: Text messages apply to and are counted towards your integrated texting plan. (Sign up for integrated text messaging)

  • Use the checkbox to include people who are in a pending status for serving. (Pending means they have already received an email invite).

  • If individuals are missing a primary email address or cell phone number, click Missing Contact Info and you'll be taken to a screen where you can quickly add email or phone numbers.


  • The message body can be customized with additional text to include further information.
    The Event Date placeholder automatically populates the date the member is scheduled to serve. The 'view your schedule here' link directs a volunteer to the My Schedules page on their profile (below). This screen provides a comprehensive view where volunteers can quickly respond to the events they have been added to.


    My Schedules Screen.png

  • Add multiple automatic reminder times (if needed) so that your scheduled volunteers are alerted when a serving time is coming.

  • Use the Apply Changes To Future Schedules checkbox to update the current and future events easily at one time.

To commit and apply the changes made, use the SAVE button.

Once reminders are turned on, the bell icon will no longer have a slash and be grayed out (below).

schedule reminders are activated

Note: Currently, reminders sent do not appear in the system log.




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