Volunteer Management with Schedules


Schedules are a simple and effective way to coordinate, schedule, and communicate with volunteers!


Build custom templates for each volunteer-led effort (ex: Greeters), create volunteer teams and positions, and then simply apply your template to a date.


From there, add volunteers, send invitations or reminders, and track responses (either automatically or manually).

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Create a Schedule Template

Basic Schedule Info

Made of the Schedule Name, whether it Repeats (Weekly), and when is the Starting On date.

  • If the schedule doesn't repeat weekly, instead of "Add Another Week" it will be prompted for a specific date
  • Inactive schedules will be displayed at the end of the list

Click NEXT to add a time(s).



  • A name for the time, with start and end times
  • Ex: "First Service" and "Second Service"
  • Ex: "Saturday Morning"

Click NEXT to add members.


Teams or Volunteers

Give the Team a name to define their placement in the Schedule clearly. 

  • Ex: Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, Band
  • Ex: Monthly workday with lots of helpers and no teams

(Optional) If the event is unstructured, you may not need the extra organization of putting volunteers on "Teams"


This is the last structural piece to fill out the Schedule. This is the list of names you will correspond with and adjust based on availability.

  • For each position, how many people are needed? 
  • Optional Source Group: Instead of searching all of your records, you can fill positions from the assigned group.
  • Optional Require Background Check: When searching to fill positions, only results with Background Checks will display.

Ex: Nursery Coordinator, Child Care Assistants, Teacher, Guitar, Vocals.

Click SAVE to add your schedule template.


Edit a Schedule Template

Editing a schedule template is very different than editing a specific date. The new template will change all schedules created with that template after the change. It does not change any existing dates (present or future) that have already been created.

Ex: When the Children's Ministry decides to split the "4th and 5th grade" class into two separate classes, edit the template to add the volunteers needed for the new class, affecting any schedules created in the future.

Ex: When there's an extra service on Easter Sunday, just edit the Schedule Grid for that specific Date... you can add a whole new time and teams there!


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