Schedules: Managing Volunteers, Assignments, and Communication

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On the schedule grid, positions can show one of several statuses

  1. Accepted - Name with a green checkmark
  2. Declined - red search box, a name with strike-through
  3. Pending (Notified) - Name with yellow "?" 
  4. Not Notified (No email address!) - Name with a gray and a red "!"
  5. Not Notified - show as a name with a gray "..."
  6. Unfilled (blank) - show as a blank search box



Working with Specific Dates/Times

The schedule grid, showing specific dates and times, is where Schedules get fun to use!

  1. Start by adding people to the first date in your schedule. 

  2. Notice the tri-dot that displays on hover next to every person, position, team, time or even the date at the very top of the schedule. Most actions related to a specific date or time are handled from that menu. 

  3. Specific actions include:
    • Copy Volunteers from Previous: Fills in an entire Date (or time, or team) with a couple of clicks. Select the date/time to copy from, and then adjust specifics or exceptions as needed before sending invitations.
    • Mark as...: Set the status for an individual or set an entire team or time as "Confirmed." 
    • Send Invites: Sends a simple Serving Request email from your church
      • Select "Send Invites" for a specific team, time, or date. Or, use "Send Invites to All" to work with individuals across all dates on this schedule.
      • The email includes a "Respond to Requests" link that allows the Volunteer to Accept All, Decline All, or Accept/Decline each specific item; no log-in is needed. 
    • Remove/Add to change any elements (individuals, positions, teams, or times) included on this specific date (without affecting other dates or the future schedules you create)
    • Contact: send a quick email to everyone scheduled for that position, team, time, or date. You can specify what statuses to include (Pending, Accepted, etc.). Contact works for all dates, past, and future.

  4. Use the horizontal scrolling (Hold down Shift + Scroll)  to move ahead, and click "Add Week" (or "Add Date" for non-weekly schedules) to add another week. Work ahead as many weeks as necessary.

  5. Status bar: below the name on each time, a multi-color status bar tracks progress using status colors. White (Unfilled) turns to green (Accepted) or shows Red for declined, along with other status colors.


Schedule Details

Use Schedule Details to provide relevant information to volunteers surrounding the event(s) for which they're serving. Include details on event plans or lesson information available to the team. The following details show where to add this information.

To add information about a volunteer assignment, click the 3-dot icon on the day the Schedule is set for. In the drop-down menu that appears, click Add Details. Note: If details are already in place, use the info icon to view this information at any time.

3dot menu location

add details to Schedule

Now, add or update your details with the relevant information for the team to know.

update details on the Schedule

Use the SAVE button to complete these changes. Now, the details will show in the My Schedules area for the volunteer to see!

My Schedules area




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