Populate Your VBS Groups With Workflows

Planning events like Vacation Bible School and Youth Summer Programming is a large undertaking and one that requires many hands. With so many moving parts, finding ways to automate smaller aspects of the planning process can feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. 

You have the ability to add individuals who have submitted forms into groups that will assist you in organization and communication. 

Follow these steps to create a workflow to auto-populate volunteers into a group based on form submissions and duplicate the process with your Participant Registration Form to create a group for your participants as well. 

Here's how!

Create Your Volunteer/Participant Registration Form

In order to trigger a Workflow based on form submission, you must first have a form to associate with the workflow!

So, to begin, from your ChMS's landing page, navigate to Forms on the left-hand menu and create a new form. For something like VBS or Youth Summer Programs, we would recommend creating 2 different forms:

  1. Volunteer Sign-Up Form 
  2. Participant Registration Form

When building these forms make sure to include basic contact info to collect from your individuals. This will help you collect the best data when creating your groups and matching individuals.

Need help creating a form? Check out this resource on how to Create a New Form!

Pro-Tip: Use checkboxes in your form to give your volunteers choices as to where they might like to serve best! 


Build Your Workflow

  1. Hover on General Settings   and select Workflows.
  2. Click the Add tab.



  1. Select + Add Trigger at the bottom and choose Form Submission.




  1. Choose a Form to associate with the Workflow by using the dropdown.




  1. Select the Form fields by using the Map More Fields link. For each piece of information, you will need to set up the mapping of where the data should be directed in the database. Keep repeating this until all the fields you need are mapped.






Available Mapping Field Types

You can map the following form field types to a field in your software:

  1. Person Field Set (can contain a combination of the following fields also)
  2. Person's Name
  3. Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  1. Dropdown
  2. Date
  3. Numbers
  4. Letters
  5. Short Text


  1. Determine the rules you wish to follow when ‘Matching People’ to records already in the ChMS. This information MUST be mapped from the form to {{LABEL_NAME}} in order for it to work. Review the mapping details in step 5 if needed. For instance, if you want to match based on email, you need to make sure the mapping pulls in this information.




  1. Review the new record creation details. There are two choices.
    1. Create people who do not match (recommended option)
    2. Do not create people who do not match


  1. Review the data replacement options. There are two choices
    1. Replace data in matched fields with form data
    2. Do not replace data in matched fields with form data (recommended option)


  1. Select + Add Action. For this example, start by selecting the Group action from the menu. 




  1. ​Set the dropdown to "Add the person to" and select your VBS Volunteer Group then select "Save".




  1. Next, you may add an action that will contact the person who submitted the form.
    1. We recommend choosing email or SMS
      • Once you have tailored how you would like the email to look, click "Save" and you're done! 

We recommend submitting a test form submission and watching to see that the workflow is working properly. Once your flow has shown that it is working correctly, you can take this and follow the same steps to create the same workflow for your VBS participant registrants! 


Pro-Tip: Email responses may be customized within the form builder. If you have customized a response in the form builder, you might consider not building an email action into this workflow.  



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