Customize, Save, and Share your CSV (Excel) Export Settings

Exporting reporting data from your church management software just got a lot easier with Custom Exports. This new feature makes life easier with custom columns, saved settings and the ability to share those settings as a preset with your team!


Get Started!

Anywhere you have a list of people, look for the "Three-Dot" Common Actions button at the top right. Click, expand, and select "Export Individuals to CSV."




In the Export Options Window, click Advanced and you'll be presented with a list of columns you can export, each with a checkbox. Make your selections!

Advanced checkboxes

If you plan to use these settings again, at the bottom of the screen, click Save selections as new export preset and enter an intutively titled name.

Don't forget to follow your Kindergarten Teacher's advice and Share with Others ;) 

Saved customized options

Want to learn more? See our full article on Export Options!

Before you go...remember there are many more helpful common actions when you have a list of people - such as dynamically selecting parents or children, sending a mass email or text, or making a mass edit. (And yes - you can save those searches too!)  





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