Configurable Fields

Note: Configurable fields are now found under the Settings > Profile tab. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this video updated.


Configurable Fields are customizable text or date input fields to track information associated with the individuals in your Database. They're displayed on an individual's Profile tab (below). Use them to help record, segment, and report based on your ministry needs and goals.

Note: Configurable Fields generally store information not effectively used as a group. 

Profile Tab Configurable Fields.png


There are two categories of fields: Date Input Fields (i.e., anniversary date, joined on date) and Text Input Fields (i.e., talent, home church).

Date Fields


Date Fields.png


Text Fields


Text Fields.png


Note: Text Fields can be configured for freeform text or a pre-created dropdown of selectable options. 


Configurable Field Setup

To activate a Text or Date field, simply assign a title to each. Once saved, you can input data when editing an individual's profile screen. 



Text Fields: Create a List of Selectable Options

Text fields allow Free-Form Text input or a Select List of pre-created items (example below). 




To build a Select List, choose Select List from the Input Type dropdown, click on Edit Options, add your desired items, and then click Save! (You can edit options later or reorder them using the two-way arrow icon). 



Click Done, scroll to the bottom of the page, and make sure to click Save.

Your new configurable field will now be available for you to fill out and will appear on your individual's profile!

Note: When editing an individual's profile, if a configurable field is left blank, it will not appear on their profile screen. 

Example: If you don't have an individual's anniversary date, "Anniversary Date" will not appear on their Profile screen.





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