Configurable Fields

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Go to Settings > Profile to add Configurable Fields.

Configurable Fields can be used to accommodate information that is important and relevant to your individuals. Typically, this is used to store information that is not effectively used as a group. 

Configurable Fields can be used to add input fields and adjust information that is seen on Individual profiles.


There are two categories of fields: Date Input Fields (i.e., anniversary date, joined on date) and Text Input Fields (i.e., talent, home church).

Date Fields




Text Fields




Text input fields also have another type called Select List Fields (i.e., member status, ministry interest)

Date and text input fields are activated by inputting a name for the field (Joined on, Talent, etc.). Select list fields are activated by inputting a name for the field and then clicking Edit Options to customize what options can be chosen for this field. 




For example, you can input "Member Status" for the name of a select list field, choose Select List from the Type drop-down, and then click Edit Options to add "Visitor, Prospect, Member, Leader" to the options list. If a name is not given to a field, this field will not show up on the Individual view.




Make sure to click Done and scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure to click Save. Your new configurable field will not be available for you to fill out and will appear on your individual's profile!





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