CSV Export Options

The Common Action menu (   ) contains an option to export Individual information (email, address, custom fields, etc.) to a CSV file. Find the common action menu throughout the software in places like Search tools, Groups, List of members, and Reports.

Common Action Export Tool Location

In the Export modal, there are two areas of focus:

  • The Simple tab allows for grabbing the basics, ALL data, or saved Advanced tab options.
  • The Advanced tab allows for customized export options around member information.

IMPORTANT → Even though the member export tool will show in Reports under the common action menu, this is an export of Individuals information based on the list of members found in the report. Not the report data itself. Use the Export (  ) options for that data.


Simple Export

Simple Export Tab

The simple export options are designed to allow for fast exporting of data based on pre-set details. You will also see an option to pull information based on custom 'Saved column settings'. We will explore this in the Advanced Export area next.

Once the export preference has been selected, use the Export button to download the CSV.

Simple Export process


Advanced Export

Simple Export Tab

The Advanced Tab is found next to the Simple export options. Below is information around the areas of interest.

Take Action On

drop down to select actions

Each action option defines what dataset will be pulled into the CSV download based on the list of Individuals. Choose the preference based on which members of the household you are targeting.

"These Individuals" → the immediate list of members found. This is the only option with the radio buttons for "One Line Per ..." choices (screenshot below). Each radio button selection has a pre-selected set of checkboxes to pull the right information.

One Line Per options

"Parents (Primary and spouse in family)" → Based on the list, download information on the member marked as the 'Primary' in the family and their spouse (based on the Relationship in the Family tab).

"Children (All children in family)" → Based on the list, download information on all children linked to the 'Primary' in the family.

"Parents and Children" → Based on the list, download information around specifically parents and children linked to the 'Primary' in the family.

"All Individuals in Family" → Based on the list, download information for all members linked in a family.

The 'Primary' in the family is simply a way for the database to link members together.

Field Options

Available Field options

Choose from a very Basic amount of information to download or All Fields to a CSV from the radio button chooser. No matter which option is chosen, the checklist is able to be added to or removed from to tailor the information simply by clicking checkboxes.

Advanced checkboxes

Saved Column Settings

Save custom selections

If you choose to alter the selections from any default preference noted earlier, the software will give you the option to save the list to use it again! Scroll down to the bottom of the available selections and click the link to "Save selections as new export preset."

Saved customized options

Give a name to the pre-set for easy selection later. Use the    to cancel the save or the   to add the new custom selection(s).

Save Custom Export tool

Also, choose if you want this to be only for yourself or available for anyone by using the 'Share with others' toggle.

If you need to remove a saved list or need to make an existing one shared instead only for a single user, simply use the   to remove the saved column setting and set it up again.

remove saved list

Once the export preference has been selected, use the Export button to download the CSV.





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