Mass Assign and Email Login Information


To send login instructions to a group of people in masse, you can do so from the Groups list page.

Note: This will only send login information to people who do not have any login information already. To address a single member, follow the steps in the article Assign Login Credentials to an Individual.

  1. Navigate to Groups > List and click on the checkbox next to the group you wish to provide access to.
  2. Select the Tri-Dot Icon at the upper right of the list for Group Options.
  3. Select Assign and Email Login Information.

choose groups for login information

A screen will appear that allows you to customize the email you send. 

customize login information email

Pro-Tip: Use @NAME or @FULLNAME to personalize each email. All '@' placeholder(s) must be typed in all CAPS as shown above.

  1. Use the Send button to send the email to all the selected group members without credentials already created.





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