Assign Login Credentials to an Individual

To provide rights to access your People Software, select a person's profile, then click on the Account tab. The individual's Username is automatically generated and defaults to be in the format of firstname.lastname. Passwords are not automatically generated when an account is created.

Note: You can manually change a username to anything you wish, such as an email address.

account tab for an individual

There are two ways to provide login access. 

(1) Auto-Send Login Information:

Scroll to the bottom of the Account tab, select the Reset password and mail user account details checkbox and click Save. This will send the person an email with their username, password, and a link to log in. 



Important Notes:
(1) The email will be sent only to the person's primary email address. The subject line of the email will be titled "[Your Ministry Name] Your Account Details" and will come from the "noreply" email address. 

(2) If a user has already created a password, resetting and mailing a password will override their current password.


(2) Manually Create A Password

Simply create a unique password for the user in the Password and Confirm Password fields and click Save to apply the new custom password. Then contact the user and let them know their login information. 

Note: Currently, passwords must be at least 6 characters but do not require numbers, alpha, specialized characters, etc.
In addition, a person can always change their username or password under their Account tab.


Mass Assign Login Credentials

Administrators can also mass assign login credentials for anyone that does not currently have a password created based on selecting a Group(s) from the list. Learn more at Mass Assign and Email Login Information






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