Global Permissions

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Global permissions apply to all people in your database that DON'T have a role assigned to their profile. 

  • Allow Users To Update Their Own Contact Information? We recommend "Yes, but only propose changes"
    • When a change is proposed, it will create an Admin message that must be approved/denied.

  • Allow Primary Family Members To Update The Entire Family? We recommend "Yes"

  • Allow People To Create Their Own Accounts? We recommend "No" (This takes away the option from the opening login screen of the app that says "Don't have an account?") 

  • Enable Directory? This depends on if you want attendees to be able to see each other's contact information. If yes, we recommend creating a group called "Directory" and adding all your regular attendees and members. Once created, select this group from provided area. Afterwards, select the default fields you'd like to appear in your directory. 

    For more details and tips on setting up a directory, see Viewing the Directory.






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