How is my billing calculated?

To affordably provide the same great solutions to organizations of all sizes, we base our pricing on total individual records in your Church Management Software. Once per year, we review your total contacts and update pricing (up or down) based on this number.

How Are We Notified?

One month before your annual review, you can expect an email and an Admin Message alerting you that your annual review is approaching. (Admin Messages can be found under the Bell Icon - below).

Messages Area

Can I reduce my cost?

Yes! One of the best ways is to remove old or unnecessary records from your Database. 

Not only will this affect the cost, removing old records is part of good data maintenance - helping your organization better engage your members & report on your goals.

Here are some great strategies and tips on how to find and delete unnecessary records.


How to Find Total Records

To find your total record count, expand Individuals → click List → scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, you should see the total number of individuals (below). 





Calculate Pricing

Type in the total number of individuals within your ChMS Database to calculate your pricing.

Alternatively, drag the slider to adjust the number of records.


My church has


Note: Contractual arrangements may affect your calculated fees.




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