4 Ways to Simplify Volunteer Management

1) Begin with a Volunteer Info/Volunteer Sign-Up Form

  1. Two potential forms to build:
    1. Volunteer Information Form – Designed to answer questions and provide clarity on what to expect. The call to action would be something like “Sign up here to receive more information!”
    2. Volunteer Sign-Up Form – Designed to list/highlight areas that need volunteers. The call to action would be something like “Check the boxes to indicate what areas you are interested in serving in and we will reach out to you!”
  2. Regardless of the form you choose to build, both encourage individuals to take the next step towards volunteering in your church or organization. Once they have completed and submitted a form you can use workflows and interactions to automate the follow-up process.

2) Create and build workflows and interactions

  1. Your forms can integrate directly into Workflows. You can build workflows in such a way that as forms are submitted, it can trigger off those submissions and initiate actions like placing prospects into a group, sending an email to a potential volunteer, or something even more simple like sending an admin message alerting them of a potential volunteer.
  2. Workflows can also be built to create interactions.
    1. Example: An individual fills out a volunteer sign-up form and is interested in serving in Student Ministry. A workflow can be built to assign an interaction to the Student Pastor to follow up with the individual to take the next step in the volunteer sign-up process.

3) Use your Schedules feature to build and assign your volunteer teams

  1. If you have not yet used the schedule feature, then here is a great opportunity to take advantage of it.
    1. Click Schedules, then locate the ‘Create A Schedule’ button.
    2. Name your schedule and input a date and check the box to indicate if it repeats weekly.
    3. Build out when you need volunteers. (Ex: First Service from 9:00am-10:30am) If you have more than one gathering, simply click ‘+Add Another Time’ and build it out.
    4. Build your team and create your schedule.
    5. Once your schedule has been created you are able to see your volunteer team organized by date. Here, you can manage team availability, send out communication and find replacements if need be.
  2. Schedules allow you to see your volunteer team on one easy-to-manage screen. This increases your efficiency and keeps your volunteers organized and happy. Happy volunteers mean a happy ministry, and a happy ministry attracts more volunteers!


4) Don’t forget about Mass Communication!

  1. With Mass Communication, quickly send communication to your volunteer teams! Email, Text Messages, and Voice Messages are your options when reaching out to your teams.
    1. Click on ‘Mass Contact’ then from the Mass Contact Dashboard, locate ‘New Message’ and then decide what type of message you would like to send as.
    2. Choose your audience, write your message and send.
  2. This is a great way to get important information out quickly! Whether you schedule a weekly email or need to change plans on the fly, you have the tools at your disposal ready to help you find success. 





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