Additional Interaction Features

Managing, adding, and updating interactions do not have to be done only in the database. The tools below highlight the external and internal options available to make interactions flexible to interact with.


External Logs

Interaction Digest




The digest is a reminder system delivered directly to a person's primary email address with a list of outstanding interactions. This is a helpful reminder with links directly to the database and the interaction(s) in question. The assigned follow up contact can click the link to login to the database for completing the log or locate the email sent at the time of assignment and complete the log that way.

The digest has three options for the sending frequency. These options are: Daily (default), Weekly, and Never. This setting is user-specific under the Account tab in the member profile.




Interaction Email

After an interaction assignment has been created, the assigned person will receive an email with the interaction details to their primary email address. This email will come from the 'noreply' address so the assigned person will want to make sure the email address is whitelisted. 




To complete the assigned task, the email simply needs to be replied to above the text saying, 'REPLY ABOVE THIS line to add a summary.' After sending, the update will be brought back into the database and update the interaction to complete it.




If the reply happens to not be working, there is the additional option to complete the log through the link in the footer of the email. The linked text is 'fill out a summary' which opens up a window with a Summary text field and a completed date field. Input the details here and Save to resolve the interaction.




Internal Logs

Interactions in Work Flows

All workflows' triggers have the option to include assigning an interaction under the 'Add Action' button as a part of the automated task running.

Simply add the trigger and define the parameters of that trigger. Then choose the Action to create an Interaction. Assign a 'Interaction Type' from the dropdown. After selecting the type, choose who should be responsible for the task. It can be sent directly to the group(s) leader(s) by clicking the checkbox. Additionally, a person or more people can be added by using the member search box and clicking to select their name. Give the interaction an instruction detail so that the assigned person or people will know what task needs to be completed. Click DONE and then SAVE to apply.




Interaction in Mass Contact

Sending an Email or SMS (does not include Voice) allows for the option to 'Log Contact as Interaction.' Enabling this at the time of sending can add the text of the message body and who the interaction was sent to (applies to both Groups and members). Apply the appropriate interaction type for filtering later on.




Interaction in Mobile App

Even though the database can be seen in a browser, sometimes an app is nice just for the focused experience. The membership app allows for a review of interactions assigned to a person along with logging features to complete the task.

The interactions link can be found right on the home screen of the app. 


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