How To Use Interactions

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Interactions are simply a log of the connections you have had with a person in your database. You can record contacts with members (emails, calls, visits, etc.), create follow-up tasks for people with or without permissions, or create public and private notes through customized permissions.


Add Custom Interaction Types




  • Click the General Settings gear Interactions tab.
  • The existing interaction types can have the name and order adjusted.




  • To edit an existing Type name, click the text to change it. To save, simply click outside the edit field to finish.
  • If the order of your interaction types needs to be adjusted, click and hold the interaction type list item. Then drag that item to the correct place in the list. This change is also automatically saved.


To add a NEW interaction type, scroll to the bottom of the window and use the 'Add Interaction Type' area. Add your custom Type name and then click SAVE. This will add your new interaction type to the bottom of the list. Click and hold to drag the type to the correct place on the list if needed.


Interaction Left-Hand Menu

Use the left-hand menu to manage and find interactions in the database. All the lists can be filtered through the Tri-Dot Icon .

  • My Outstanding → review the list of interactions assign to you which need to be filled out.
  • Outstanding → Designed for managers of other people's interactions. Review the list of incomplete interactions that need to be completed.
  • Completed → See the list of interactions that have been finished and have a 'Date Completed' assigned to them.


Filter Outstanding and Completed Interactions

Unique to the 3-Dot Icon  from My Outstanding, the filtering options in Outstanding and Completed interaction reports include a text search. The text search has the ability to look for particular text in either the Instructions added to the interaction or the summary.




Edit An Interaction




Once in the system, interactions can be edited to update the details. The fields available to edit are:

  • Action: Alter the type of interaction based on the list available in Settings.
  • Assigned To: Use the X to remove the assigned person and then type the new name to start the search to find the replacement to complete the action.
  • Individual: Use the X to remove the person the action is applied to. Use the empty field to search by typing the replacement person's name.
  • Instructions: Adjust the text detailing the action to be followed up on.
  • Summary: Adjust the text detailing what happened during the follow-up and takeaways that are important to remember.
  • Completed: Toggle on/off the option to be notified when the interaction is complete
  • Date Complete: The day the interaction took place.
  • Complete By: Set a day to let the volunteer or staff member know when the action should be finished.
  • Delete: remove the interaction fully from the database
  • Save: make sure to click SAVE to update the interaction in the database. Saving does not happen automatically.


Assign An Interaction

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  1. Click Interactions in the left menu to expand the options or, click the Assign Interaction action button on an individual's profile page.
  2. Select Assign to add a new interaction for a person to follow up with
    • Use the drop-down to select the Action that needs to be taken based on your interaction types.
    • In the Assign To field, start typing to search for the person in the database who should be tasked to complete the interaction.
    • Use the Individual (this updates based on Terminology settings) field to search for who the action applies to.
    • Add Interaction Instructions with details of what the person following-up will need to do. Be specific so it is clear what the given task details should be.
    • Select a To Be Completed By date for when the interaction should be finished. This date will be shown in both the email and the interaction digest sent to the person needing to complete the task.
    • Optionally check the box to 'Notify Me On Completion' if the person creating the interaction wants to be automatically alerted for when the task is finished.
  3. Click the SAVE button to finalize the assignment.
  4. The person which has been assigned the interaction will receive a notification email with the details created above.


Log An Interaction

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  1. Click Interactions in the left menu to expand the options.
  2. Select Log to add a new interaction for a person or select the Log Interaction Button on an individual's profile page. 
    • Use the drop-down to select the Action that was taken based on your interaction types.
    • Start typing to search the people in the database to add who the interaction was Completed By
    • Use the Individual (this updates based on Terminology settings) field to search for who the action applies to.
    • Add a Summary with details of what took place during the time of meeting or following up with the person.
    • Select a Date Completed to show when the interaction was finished.
  3. Click the SAVE button to finalize the log and post it to the person's profile.


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