View a Background Check for an Individual

After a Background Check has been submitted, you can review the status of the Background check on the Reports Background Checks page.

Reports Tool

1. Select Reports from the Navigation menu and then click the Background Checks option.




2. All of the Background Checks are listed. To narrow down the list, click the    button and then select the   Filter option.




3. Select your desired criteria and then click the Submit button when you are finished to apply the filters.




4. The list of Background Checks display. 



Click the Name link to view the individual information page for that applicant and click the More Details link to view the Background Check Details window.




The Background Check Details window displays the details for the order and a Log History. The Log History lists the package or services ordered and the status of that order.

Click the "View PDF" link to view the results on a new tab in your browser.

Profile Information

To view for a single member, find their profile in the software and then scroll down to find the Background Check card found towards the bottom. This area will list the checks made against that person.








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