Background Check Reports

Accessing your Background Check Report is easy, from your left-hand navigation, click Reports and from the dropdown options click Background Checks.

The Background Check Report includes:

Updated status on each background check will display the current state of the background check with messages of Error, Pending (PMM), Pending (Candidate), and Complete. Below is a brief explanation of each status.

Error: There was an issue processing the background check. Please contact support!

Pending (PMM): Protect My Ministry is still processing the background check. No action is required.

Pending (Candidate): The candidate has not completed the consent form that was sent to their email inbox. This consent is required before PMM may initiate the background check process.

Complete: The background check was successfully processed. More Details may be selected to view the results.


Important Note: If the candidate does not respond in a timely manner, the user can ‘Resend to Candidate’ which will send the request again.



Completed checks should be reviewed and can be marked as AcceptAccept with Conditions, or Reject which will be viewed in the ‘Recommendation’ column.

Clicking ‘More Details’ allows the user to review the report information and edit a response if necessary. 






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