Background Check: Step 2 - Option Details

Applicant Consent Message Preview

The second step of ordering a background check is previewing and customizing the consent message that will be sent to the applicant.




Click the + Custom Message box to add a custom message to the existing template. The following screen will appear. 




Once saved, your custom message will appear in the preview screen as highlighted in blue below. 




Optional: Enter a Billing Reference Code to track how many background checks have been run by unique ministries or tracking needs your ministry may have.




Example: If you process 12 background checks for the code “Children” and 5 for the code “Music”, then the monthly report will show 12 for the code “Children” and 5 for the code “Music”. Without these codes, the monthly report will show 17 total with no breakdown.

Note: The code must be entered exactly the same each time in order to group background checks together on the monthly report. This includes the capitalization of the code. If one time you enter “Children” and another time you enter “CHILDREN”, then your report will have two separate summaries for each instance of the children code.

Pro-Tip: Designate a special character such as an asterisk (*) in front of the billing reference code. The next time you run a background check, type an asterisk (*) into the Billing Reference code field to view and select from any of the previously used Billing Reference codes.



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