Background Check: Configuring your Protect My Ministry Settings

The Protect My Ministry add-on feature is beneficial to your organization for maintaining all information needed for each individual in one system.  Having current background checks on every individual is imperative for your organization and the children you are called to protect.



Click General Settings  → Services

Notice the section labeled PROTECT MY MINISTRY. This is where you enable the integration and configure your settings.

PMM settings


Enabled/Disabled: Click the Enabled radio button to display the Protect My Ministry settings.

  • Note: If you click the Disabled radio button and then click the Save button, the Username and Password fields are cleared.)

Important: The Username/Password is supplied as a part of the Account creation process with Protect My Ministry. This is NOT the same as your database login credentials.

If you receive an error about an invalid username and password, please contact Protect My Ministry by email at or call (800) 319-5581 (Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM EST). They will need to confirm that you are a client and that the username and password are correct. Please contact our Support team for any other errors you receive.

If you have not signed up for an account with Protect My Ministry, please follow Account Sign up Instructions.


Credit Background Check Approved:

Do NOT select this option until after you have contacted Protect My Ministry to have this option enabled. You can either indicate that you want this option as part of the initial signup form, or you can add this option at a later date by sending an email to

By activating this feature, you are verifying that you have been authorized by Protect My Ministry (PMM) for this feature. PMM has to do a site inspection and verify that specific rules and processes are in place to qualify for this service.

Once authorized for this service, you are able to run credit checks on individuals as part of the background check process. The Credit Background Check provides a general sense of creditworthiness for your applicant and includes information on open credit lines, major credit issues like bankruptcies or late payment history, etc. (FICO scores are not included in this report.)


Member Authorization Request Email Template:

This is the default email that appears in step 3 of the Background Check process. Use the @NAME variable to represent the individual’s name and the @LINK variable to represent the background check authorization link.

Member Authorization


Enable Adjudication:

This is an additional service provided by Protect My Ministry (PMM). It is a pass/fail criterion that helps simplify your organization’s review process. Adjudication is where PMM accepts or rejects applications based on criteria that you set. PMM administers these criteria automatically for you.

For example, if you set criteria to reject an applicant when a criminal search comes back with unfavorable records, then the adjudication results are displayed automatically on the Reports Background Check page. The Recommendation column displays the adjudication results for each background check by using a colored circle icon and a description. The default descriptions are “Accept”, “Accept with conditions”, and “Reject”.

Enable Audjudication

Important: Protect My Ministry (PMM) must be contacted if the descriptions are modified because the file that is submitted to PMM and the results that are returned are keying off of the default descriptions. After PMM is contacted with the modified descriptions and the “Submission and Results” process has been changed to use the modified descriptions, then the descriptions can be changed.

To change the descriptions, click the "Edit" link located under any of the description and color fields. The Change Recommendation Label Text window appears. This is where you modify the descriptions.

Chang Notification

Click the Update button to save your changes or click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to cancel this process.

The colored circle icons can be modified as often as you desire and no contact with Protect My Ministry is necessary. To change a colored circle icon, click on a color field and use the Color-picking control or enter the hexadecimal color value in the field.

Color Picker

Click the Revert to Default link to change the color to the default color.






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