How to Use Check-Out

Check-out creates a digital record of when a child entered the organization's care and when they left again. This record can be found on the status report and in the Attendance reporting tools.

At this time, Check-out is only available in the browser. This is because of the security precautions in place to verify a child leaves with the correct parent/guardian so permissions help enforce this important consideration.

 check-out options in the station settings area

Hardware-based Check- In | Out can be completed with RFID scanning equipment - RFID-Based Check-In


  1. In the ChMS database, navigate to: General Settings → Check-in → (Choose Station) → Check-Out Options.
  2. Check the boxes for any method the organization would like to use to search for members to Check-Out from the system.
  3. Then, select SAVE to complete the changes.
  4. Go to the Groups page. For each of the groups you wish to use with Check-in, click Edit, and check the "Use For Check-in" box. Then SAVE.
  5. Under Permissions, assign the 'Run Check-in' permission to the roles that will need to access Check-in.

As a special permissions consideration, note that a role can use the status report to check people out for situations where the process does not need to be tightly controlled. This permission option still requires a Check-In station preference for Check-Out Options to be set.

check-out status report permissions


  1. In the database, navigate to: Attendance → Check-in.
  2. Choose the Check-in Station you're wanting to use.
  3. * RFID specific: Launch the Card Reader application.
  4. Click the Check Out tab at the top.

check out tab

  1. Use any of the methods available (RFID, Name, Last Four Digits of Phone Number, or Barcode) to search and check-out members.
  2. Select the members needing a check-out completed by using the checkbox.

checkbox to select person

  1. Complete the transaction by selecting the Check Out button at the bottom of the screen.

Optional Method

If the permission is established for check-out from the Status report, simply open that report. Use the link to complete the check-out.

check-out from the status report

RFID Status

The RFID Check-in data layers on top of normal attendance data. If you go to a session (Reports → Attendance → Sessions) that you used Check-in for, you will see one of two different colored dots next to the person's names who are present.

  • A Green dot shows that the person has been checked-in, but not yet checked out.
  • A gray dot shows that the person has been checked out.

Check out status info

Hovering over the dot will show who checked the child in, where, and when he/she was checked out.



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