DYMO Label Writer Printer Troubleshooting

Outlined below are some common troubleshooting steps to fix issues with printing during Check-in. If there is trouble with the printer installation, the printer manufacturer’s support is usually best to contact for help in those areas.


DYMO Label Writer 450 - 2.25 inches

DYMO Support: 1-877-724-8324


Labels are printing with information cut off the page:

  • This is most likely caused by improper setup of the DYMO drivers and/or Label offset value located in Settings on the Top menu → Check-In → Check-In Mode.
  • The recommended settings for the DYMO drivers can be configured by going to Devices and Printers via the workstation's Control Panel. Locate the DYMO printer from the list, right-click the icon, and click Printer Properties.
  • Click the "Advanced" tab and click the Printing Defaults button at the bottom of the window (You may be prompted to enter local, Active Directory administrative credentials in order to make these changes).
    • Set the Orientation to "Landscape".
    • Set the Page Order to "Front to Back"
    • Set the Pages per Sheet to 1
  • Click the Advanced Options button in the lower-right of the same Printing Default window.
  • Configure the options to these settings
    • Paper Size is 30857 Badge Label
    • Print Quality is 300 x 300 dots per inch
    • Advanced Printing Features are Enabled
    • Pages per Sheet Layout is Right then Down
    • Color Printing Mode is Enhanced
    • Halftoning is Photo Quality
    • Print Quality is Text Only
    • Print Density is Normal
    • Continuous Mode is Disabled
  • Click OK through the windows to save the changes
  • Sign into your ChMS database and navigate to Settings → Check-In Mode → Label Printer Model.
    • Be sure it is set to use the Dymo LabelWriter 450 - 2.25 inches.
    • Set the Label Left Offset to 10**
    • Set the Label Top Offset to 0.

Note: These may be different if the Church Logo image size is too Big/Small. Try adjusting the Left and Top offsets before resizing the Church Logo image.


Nothing prints to the printer when checking someone into a session:

  • Be sure the DYMO printer is connected to the computer and turned on. It is not a wireless device.
  • Be sure the DYMO printer icon is not greyed out in Devices and Printers, which indicates that the device is either off or disconnected.
  • Try printing a test page by right-clicking the DYMO printer icon in Devices and Printers and going to Printer Properties and clicking the Print Test Page button. If it prints and the child check-in labels do not print, the problem is likely with the setup in your ChMS rather than the Printer Drivers. Review the Setup of the Groups, Check-in Mode, and Check-in Stations in your database. 


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