How to Set Up Check-In for Specific Days

Sunday might be the busiest time for check-in, but it certainly isn't the only time for check-in. Here is the way to customize your groups and your check-in to only show on the days they meet.

To begin, navigate to Group Properties by going to General Settings  → Groups. Of the available links, click on Group Properties.



Select the Add New Property Category field and title it Check-In (Or something similar).



Once you have a Check-In category, you may add different properties to it. Here you will customize your experience, in this case, you may want to create something like the image below. 

Pro-Tip: If you have Sunday/Wednesday night groups that are different, then you may consider creating properties for Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, and Wednesday Night. Of course, feel free to customize the days to match the days of your events.




Now, consider the groups that will need these properties. From your Groups List you may:

  1. Edit individual groups one at a time
  2. Select multiple groups using the checkboxes on the left, opening the tri-dot icon, and selecting Apply Properties.


Finally, create Check-In Stations for Sunday and Wednesday events. Your station list may look like this:



Once your Check-In Stations are created, click into the station and build out how you would like it to function and pay special attention to the Group Selection Options. This is where you will choose to only show groups with the Group Properties you have built. 




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