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Church lines on Sunday morning can be hectic. The good news is your check-in lines don't have to be!

Use the pre-check-in found in MinistryOne to activate a touchless fast lane for your members.



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*The MinistryOne Mobile App is included free with our Integrated Giving Software


ChMS Member App FAQ

Note: The below FAQs apply to the ChMS Member App included with your ChMS software, not MinistryOne (above).

Q: What do people need to use mobile check-in?

A: The membership mobile app loaded onto a device, a username and password, and the ability to use Wi-Fi or cellular data. When not connected to wifi, mobile check-in does use some data from the member's data plan.


Q: What set-up do we need to do for mobile check-in?

A: Create the needed stations in the ChMS settings and enable the option for "Allow Self Check-In". Then, mark groups which will be used for Check-in in the Group settings. Test by installing the app on your phone, and log in to the app as a person. If members haven't been accessing their own information before, try sample testing with a few staff members, parent volunteers, or create a new test member to see how easy it is!


Q: How close do our members need to be before they can check-in?

A: This is determined by the need of the organization. Set any distances from the church (or specific station if there are campuses) by 1/10 tenths of a mile. It is suggested to set the radius from the location for a mile or less so that a stack of name badges does not pile up before people arrive.


Q: Can users choose the station their labels will print to?

A: Stations which show available for mobile check-in are fully in the organization's control. This can be any station based on the preference of "Allow Self Check-in". Labels will print to the PC or Mac computer running Check-in as long as a printer is configured. It is important to note; Mobile label printing does not function on iPad (iOS) stations running the check-in app and connected to a network printer or Bluetooth printer.


Q: How can I get more mobile app users to use mobile check-in?

A: Place a reminder in the bulletin to download the app and use mobile check-in to bypass check-in lines. Optionally, create a place on the website for instructions about “How to use Mobile Check-in” to promote its use with the mobile app and the download link to the respective app store. Some churches have put a simple “Skip the lines” flyer at the check-in stations that include this information.


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