Event Registration with limited capacity

Setting up event registration with limits on capacity is simple and helps ensure that there is room for all and nothing is overbooked.

Groups Set Up

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up your groups. This allows you to easily track registrants for easy communication and

  • Identify all of the events you’ll have
  • Optional: Create a group property to simplify identification
  • Create the groups

event registration groups

Signup Form

Now that your event groups are created, it’s time to build the form for folks to use to sign up.

  • Either start from a template or from scratch
  • Use a Person fieldset, named as it makes sense for your usage. This will also allow the Max Registrants feature to be utilized. 
  • Optional: Drag email and/or phone number fields into the fieldset so that you can easily reach out to registrants.
  • Drag a Checkbox, Radio Button, or Dropdown field into the fieldset so that it shows above the ADD ANOTHER text in your form builder.
  • Make sure to add all of the options to your form with their respective limits.
  • It is important to make sure that the names match, both for clarity and for the optional workflow.

available fields

update field options

  • Optional:
    • Create an email within form properties to notify someone on staff of incoming submissions.
    • Add another email field outside of the fieldset for “Confirmation email”
    • Create an email within form properties using that confirmation field placeholder as the to address. Make sure to use your fieldset field placeholder within the email so that details are returned to the registrant.

email setup for registrant

Max Registrants

  • Occasionally you may need to set a maximum on the number of registrants you can have. Within your Form Properties, under the Submission tab, you may set that limit. 
  • Note that this feature is only available when using a Person fieldset in your form. 

  • Within your Person Fieldset Settings, make sure that you have Count Towards Total Registrations checked
    • Having Can Be Duplicated checked will allow you to register multiple individuals on the same form. The total number of registrants in the Person fieldset will count toward the Maximum Number of Registrants set above. 

  • Save and publish, and from the publish window click the link for “Create a Workflow with this Form”

publish form and create workflow

  • If you’ve added email and phone, map those over.
  • Select +ADD ACTION and choose Group.
  • Pick your dropdown field under “Select an Option”
  • Select done, hit save and you’re ready to publish your form.

setup Form workflow

Handling your events at check-in time

You may choose to have folks register and simply have them show their confirmation email as their proof or just take folks at their word.

If however you also wish to be to able track exactly who came you should use check-in. While self check-in may be a staple in your children’s ministry this is a great opportunity to increase record keeping without needing to increase contact.

  • MinistryOne Check-in
    • Folks can check-in right from the MinistryOne app. Click here to read in-depth.
  • Staff-led check-in
    • You can have your staff running check-in on their devices and handling all check-in to remove the need for any shared contact of devices.








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