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Creating a form from scratch can sometimes be intimidating. For guidance and inspiration, we've provided both common and unique form examples below. Some are super-simple, others are robust and detailed. Following each is a brief description of the form's purpose and notes regarding form elements used (where relevant). 

Note: these forms are simply examples to inspire & replicate. They can't "yet" be used as templates we can add for you. (That said, the ability to share any form is a feature on our drawing board :) 

Pro-Tip: Don't miss our Forms Micro-Webinars! These brief how-to & best practice recordings review many of the examples below! Moreover, each includes curated resources designed to simplify your next steps & promotion goals.


Event Registration

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) Registration
    • Use this form as inspiration for your VBS or Summer Kids/Youth Registration.
  • Summer Camp Registration
    • This summer camp registration form is an excellent example of how to utilize conditional formatting when choosing your session as well as sign-up boxes when choosing activities students would like to participate in. 
  • Events with Sign-Up Slots
    • A simple form highlighting sign-up slots  for the "Gethsemane Watch" - an example overnight prayer event.
    • This form highlights the "Starlight" color theme in tandem with a great image from ShareFaith
  • Youth Mission Trip
    • Some events, like Mission Trips, may require quite a bit of information. Use Form Steps to break a form into bite-size chunks and increase the completion rate.

Attendance/New Visitors

  • Online Attendance Form
    • Easier is better. Simplicity in an attendance form is a must and will increase the number of submissions you will receive, giving you a better snapshot of who is attending your online services!
  • New Here? Get Connected!
    • Use this form to receive more information from visitors. There are text input fields that allow individuals to provide more customized information that may prove to be valuable to you and your team. 
  • Guest Form Example
    • Another great way to do a visitor form is by utilizing Form Steps. This allows the form to be filled out in smaller portions taking any hesitation or frustration out of filling out a lengthy form. 
  • Prayer Request Form
    • People need prayer and that's why you're here! So, use this form to make prayer requests easy and accessible to your congregation to make sure your team is able to take care of each and every individual. 


  • Cause Based Giving: Annie Armstrong Easter Missions Offering
    • People give towards purpose. Use a form dedicated to a single 'fund' to rally your community around a mission central to your ministry - from Missions to Building Campaigns to Relief Efforts. In particular, this example displays Amount Buttons with descriptions and the Fundraising Goal Bar. When people better understand the impact of their gifts coupled with clear vision & goals, fundraising is proven to improve.
  • Store-Front Forms: Lilies That Share
    • Forms can be a used to sell items, simplifying virtual fundraisers. In this simple "Lily Sale" example form, we display the ability purchase individual items and designate quantities. We also use conditional formatting to purchase an item in memory of an individual - coupled with a text field for relevant notes. 



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