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Use the 9-Dot menu to find out more about this awesome feature! Giving empowers you to collect online recurring gifts, mobile app giving, special projects giving, and more. It will also sync with your database to allow for central management of your online and offline donations.

add Giving to the Database


When paired with the online giving solution for the ChMS, payments on a Form opens up.

the payment tab in forms properties

  • Enable Member Portal → Users with a Giving login profile already established can use the 'Sign In' tab when this is enabled. The member can update their giving profile information, edit recurring gifts, and look at online and offline gifts when the database and giving are integrated.

Enabling this feature also allows for auto-filling of data from the Giving profile. Also, the option to select a saved payment method can be used at the time of check-out to speed up the process of completing the Form when billing is involved.

  • Enable Partial Payments → If a larger amount is required for things like events or camps, use this feature to allow the payee to pay down the balance. Gifts can be made online or offline and tracked in their giving account behind the Sign In tab. There is also the option to set a minimum amount that must be paid right away to complete the form.
  • Enable Recurring Payments → This option cannot be enabled until the Portal has been checked off. The reason it is required is for having a profile to save the recurring payment information to. 
  • Enable Convenience Fee → Allowing for this option places a checkbox in the payment area which is ON by default. The church member has the option to disable this at the time of creating the transaction. The 'Required' checkbox removes the option for the donor to opt-out of the convenience fee by removing the checkbox in the checkout part of the form. The fee amount is a choice of the percentage of the total money or a flat dollar amount. Additionally, there is the option to set different fee amounts for Credit vs ACH. Choose the option that best suits you through the drop-down field. Make sure to choose a Giving fund to track the money. Some organizations create a separate fund just to track this money. 
  • Enable Discount Code → The discount code option will allow for a percentage or dollar amount to be subtracted from the main total. The reduction in price would remove from the main totaled amount and would directly impact the convenience fee if it is percentage-based. Use the Green button to add a code and the Red button to remove a code that is created.
  • Accept Payment Types → Use the checkboxes to determine if credit cards or ACH (electronic bank transactions) will be accepted on the form. Credits cards come with slightly higher fees but validate instantly. ACH transactions take longer to clear and can fail but come with lower fees. When choosing ACH, it is important to follow the money being collected through the form results to make sure the transaction is good and follow up if a transaction fails with the donor.
  • Pay Later→ Selecting this checkbox will allow the donor to complete the form without paying and the organization will need to follow up with the registrant. The option is used in circumstances where a digital form is required but Cash or physical Check payments are being made.





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