Form Properties: Theme, Advanced Theme and HTML

A beautiful part of Forms is the customization options. The Theme and Advanced Theme tabs work together. First set the broader color palette with Theme and then customize deeper with Advanced Theme. Additionally, use the HTML tab if there is a need to add particular custom styling (the HTML tab is best used by a web professional that knows HTML and CSS coding).


 It starts by using one of the theme color schemes shown below. Each option updates the button styles, text colors, and field look.

form properties Theme tab

Advanced Theme

The Advanced Theme tab builds upon the Theme tab. This area allows for additional enhancements with a background image, font changes, alteration of text sizes, and font color.

Advanced Theme tab


Organizations often need tracking metrics to analyze if a Form is hitting the mark for their goals. The HTML tab can be used to add a tracking code for this purpose.

It can also be used if a church has someone with CSS coding experience to customize the Form further. Anything beyond the Theme and Advanced Theme tabs can be tweaked in this area using custom code.

An additional field is also available for a 'Custom HTML Document Title'. Adding a text description here will directly impact the words seen in the tab of a web browser. For example, by default, the tab will show the Form Name from the General Info tab. If the Title is altered via this field, the tab information will update to the text saved here.






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