Forms: Static Content

Static content can be used to 'fill in the cracks' as it were and place descriptions within the form field content, so a registrant has clear information.

list of static content fields

Editing Fields

Along the right side of the form editor window are standard controls to move the field up or down in its placement on the form, duplicate the field, edit the field properties, or delete the field from the form.



Available Fields

Section Header

The section header is used to add clarity within the form as the user navigates the fields.

For instance, on a youth group trip form, place section headers to clarify the parent contact information and the child contact information. Also, mark emergency contact info or signatures for approval with the digital signature.

These markers let the form visitor know easy what information they are looking at.

Static Text

To complement the section headers are the static text box. This is also used for descriptive purposes but can be thought about as being like paragraphs in a document. They can provide context and further instructions or details around information on the form.


The divider adds a line on the form to separate fields. Use this if there is a need to clarify chunks of information that need a visual partition on the page.

Empty Space

With all the other information on a page in place, sometimes it is good to add space so information is not jumbled together. Space also allows for visual separation and easier review to clean up the navigation on the forms


All these fields can have conditional logic applied so they can be hidden or shown like any other field.






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