Workflow: Thank Donors That Gave Over a Certain Amount

Givers who make significant contributions should get special thanks. This could mean a handwritten note, or a call, or a special party. To ensure the way in which you show gratitude is custom-catered to the nature of the gift, you can set up a workflow that assigns a task to the appropriate staff member to evaluate and execute an appropriate thank you gesture. Creating this engaging Workflow is simple and steps are laid out below. Modify this to fit your church setup as needed.

Find the left navigation menu and select Workflows.

Give the newly-added Workflow a name that makes it easily recognizable. Also, add a description so it is understood what the purpose of the Workflow is. This helps bring clarity when reviewing at a later point and focus on the goal of the workflow while building it.

workflow name and description setup

Now, add triggers to start building the actions of your Workflow. Since we are working with donations, the Giving-focused triggers are what we want to use. Specifically the Giving — Amount trigger.

Select that trigger to add it and then the Group(s) that the workflow should look for. In our example, we will look for anyone that is in the STATUS - Member, STATUS - Regular Attender and -STATUS - Contributor Only groups. Once the group(s) is added, there are four filter criteria parameters to set so the workflow knows what classifies when giving has gone over a certain amount.

  1. The first drop-down allows for filtering if a donation is Greater than or Less than the amount field which is next. We will leave this on the default of Greater than.
  2. Set the dollar amount. We are setting our example to $1000.00.
  3. We will leave our example on the default to monitor any fund but this can be narrowed to look at a particular fund.
  4. Lastly, define if this is in A single gift or over a date range using The Last option in the drop-down. We are going to use the single gift.

Once the trigger is set up, we can set up actions to thank these extra supportive donors.

  • Add the action to send the donor an email. Thank them for their generosity and highlight the impact this will have on your ministry or areas being focused on right now. Engage the donor to give them a tangible insight on where this money will go.
  • For an extra personal touch, use an interaction to let the pastor or a key leader know this extra-large gift has been made. Then follow up with a handwritten note or a phone call to express appreciation.

Should you want to take some further actions to automate details like removing from groups or stacking triggers, use the 'Update Progress' action. This makes sure all the criteria found in the trigger have been acted upon and are true before moving to the next trigger.

The last important item to add for this simple workflow is the Update Progress action. This action makes sure that after the other actions have completed, the database will not run this workflow again for this person. It declares, "I have already run this and don't need to again."

All our triggers, actions, and customization have been added so we need to save the work done. Use the DONE button to save your Workflow!

Your new Workflow is now set up and ready to roll! Click the SAVE button to add the Workflow to the list.




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