Update Individual Profiles with a Form Submission Workflow

Did you know that employing this workflow can accomplish 2 major tasks within your database? Not only will it automate Form Submission and Form Responses, but it can also update your individual's Profile information to make sure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate data and alleviate the administrative workload.

Note: This workflow requires a form to be created first. Specifically, this will use a Contact Form, but it is fully customizable. When the form is done, you can create the workflow.

Find the left navigation menu and select Workflows.

Upon arriving at your Workflow home, select Add and begin building your Workflow first by giving it a name. Utilize good naming mechanics that will make it easy to find and maintain. For suggestions on good naming mechanics and descriptions, check out our Tips and Tricks article!



Select +Add Trigger and locate the trigger called Form Submission. Choose a form that you would like associated with the Workflow and begin choosing the fields you would like to map (Or Match) to the database. The Left column is information from the Form and the right column is the database. At the bottom, make sure to Create people who do not match AND Replace data in matched fields with form data.



Now, you can add your actions. From your actions list, you may select as many that apply to you, but for this template, you will select Add to Group. Select a group to place these individuals into then select +Add Action to add another action. 



From the list of actions, select Email. Select Include a link to the submitted form response and send the email to a good point of contact that makes sense based on the form type. What this allows you to do, is receive the form submission and review the form itself. Now, you can select Done



For the second part of the workflow, you will build something that is very similar but is geared towards the parent or guardian. Select +Add Trigger and select Form Submission again. Select the form used for the first trigger and choose the fields you would like to map. Keep in mind, this requires a pre-existing form and this will only work if you have fields specifically for the parent or guardian for the system to map. Within the form, it would be good practice to title the parent fields something like Parent Email, Parent Phone, Parent Address, etc. for easy recognition.



In this example, the action has been set to add the parents into their own group for easy follow-up and communication. There are so many ways to utilize the actions, use them in the way that best fits your organization or church's needs! 




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