Forms with Workflows

To take advantage of the Forms integration, you may want to have information that is submitted through the form update data automatically in the ChMS. This feature is available for name fields and a wide selection of other demographic data. When the form is submitted you can choose to match the data to an existing person in the database or create and add a new individual.

Any person that is processed using a form paired with a workflow would then trigger an Action that you choose such as sending an email, adding a person to a Group, starting an Interaction, Updating Progress, posting an Admin Message, sending an SMS communication, or taking online attendance.

Let's walk through linking a form and workflow.

IMPORTANT: link one form with one workflow. Linking a form with more than one workflow can have unintended results.

Set Up the Workflow

  1. Select Workflows from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Add tab.

Add workflow tab

  1. Select + Add Trigger at the bottom and choose Form Submission.

form submission trigger

  1. Choose a Form to associate with the Workflow by using the dropdown.

Form selection dropdown

  1. Select the Form fields which will Map to your database by using the Map More Fields link. For each piece of information, you will need to set up the mapping of where the data should be directed in the database. Keep repeating this until all the fields you need are mapped.

map more fields link

mapping form fields

Available Mapping Field Types

You can map the following form field types to a database field:

  1. Person Field Set (can contain a combination of the following fields also)
  2. Person's Name
  3. Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  1. Dropdown
  2. Date
  3. Numbers
  4. Letters
  5. Short Text


  1. Determine the rules you wish to follow when Matching People to records already in the ChMS. This information MUST be mapped from the form to the database in order for it to work. Review the mapping details in step 5, if needed. For instance, if you want to match based on email, you need to make sure the mapping pulls in this information.

matching logic

  1. Review the new record creation details. There are two choices:
    • Create people who do not match (recommended option)
    • Do not create people who do not match
  2. Review the data replacement options. There are two choices:
    • Replace data in matched fields with form data
    • Do not replace data in matched fields with form data (recommended option)
  3. Select + Add Action.
  4. Choose the Action(s) you wish to add and configure them.
  5. Once complete, save the workflow using the DONE button and then click SAVE.


Example Setup

Part 1 - Add the Form to a Workflow

Part 1 - link form and workflow

Part 2 - Choose Workflow Actions

Part 2 - Add Workflow Actions




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