Trigger for Dates

If there are no Workflows, start with Building a Workflow. Otherwise, select your desired workflow, select + Add Trigger and select Individual-Date Field.

The person term for this trigger will reflect what is listed in your Terminology settings of the database, default settings will show Individuals. 


Once inside of the trigger, you may build out the logic for your Workflow. 

Select a Group or Groups that you would like to add an individual from. Choose the event that the workflow will trigger off of and choose whether it is an anniversary or not. This tells the system that this event happens annually, which in turn will trigger the actions annually. Finally, set the logic for the time based In the Future or In the Past


Example: I would like to send a card to someone in my Members group whose birthday is coming up in 1 week.

Step 1: Build Your Flow


Step 2: Assign your Action and Build it Out. 

Use the action type(s) that best fits your context and the overall goal you are looking to accomplish. You can send an email, send a text, assign an admin message or assign an interaction like what has been done in this example. 


Example: I would like to perform background checks every two years on my volunteers serving in areas with kids. I would also like the workflow to alert the pastor of that ministry and the admin to perform the background check.

Step 1: Build Your Flow


Step 2: Assign Your Action and Build it Out

Use the action type(s) that best fits your context and the overall goal you are looking to accomplish. 


Additional Step-by-Step Information:

  • From/in the following Groups
    1. Allow multi-select
    2. At least one group is required
  • Choose event
    1. Default is Birthday
    2. Date fields include:
      Birthday, Died Date, Baptism Date, Last Attended, Last Activity, Last Contributed, all configurable fields, Last Background Check
  • Treat this as an anniversary?
    1. Options are Yes or No
    2. Selecting "Yes" will tell the system to fire this on an annual cycle, much like a birthday or an anniversary.
    3. Default is No
  • When the event is 
    1. Input the Number of Days/Weeks/Months/Years
    2. Required Field, Default is 0
    3. 0 = Today, 1 = Tomorrow etc




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