Triggers for Attendance

There are multiple attendance triggers. If there are no Workflows, start with Building a Workflow. Navigate to the Workflows page, select your desired workflow, select + Add Trigger and select Attendance. In the Match a individual who is drop-down, select your desired attendance status. The options are: Present, Unexcused, Excused, and Visitor

Attendance Trigger

Next, indicate the number of times a person met these attendance criteria within the past number of weeks (you select the number of weeks). Example: Create an attendance trigger for an individual who is listed as “Unexcused” (absent) in the “College & Career Small Group” 4 times in the past 4 weeks. This can then trigger whichever action you deem as appropriate for this absentee.

Attendance triggers will run once a week on the day that you create the workflow.

Example: You create an unexcused workflow on Thursday for the Wednesday "College & Career Small Group". On the next Thursday, your attendance trigger will run and the actions will take place.






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