Pledge Reports

To run pledge reports, select Reports → Giving → Pledges from the left-hand navigation menu.




Once there, each pledge campaign displays shows:


  • The number of members that have a pledge on their profile ( [Member Profile] → Giving ) with a clickable link to see the member list
  • A total sum of the amount expected to be given
  • A final total for the campaign Given
  • The percentage of dollars given base on the member profile ( [Member Profile] → Giving ) to the campaign based on the setup parameters of the pledge (Check Pledge Status - Individual)
  • A final total for the campaign
  • A percentage of the dollars given based on the total dollar amount for the campaign




Click on the # pledges link or the PLEDGE DETAILS button to display the list of pledges made for the campaign.




This allows you to see every pledge toward the campaign and all details including the Person, Frequency, Start, End, Pledged Amount, Contributed Amount, and Percent Complete.


Contribution Date Range

Contributions can now be filtered by date range. To do this, click on the "Contribution Start Date" field and enter the date you want to begin with. Then, click on the "Contribution End Date" and choose the date you would like your date range to end with. Once you have made these selections, click "Submit" and your filter will be applied.

If you would like to change the date range, click "Reset" and follow the same steps as before. 


Click the Tri-Dot icon to Print, Export, and perform other Common Actions from the drop-down menu.

Get started with a campaign to track member donations.

Create A Campaign



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