Searching For People (Simple Searching)


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As soon as the database is opened, a simple search is available to start finding people based on one data point. Text put in the search box can be full or partial words. Searching can be done immediately on names, phone numbers (home, cell, and work), emails, addresses, and RFID tag numbers.


Searching Shortcuts (refine the results)

It is first important to know what the list of available searchable data points is. They are:


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Formal Full Name
  • Email
  • Cell, Home, or Work Number
  • RFID Number
  • First Address
  • Second Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Country


Out of these available options, you can leverage some entry shortcuts to quickly refine your searches.

  • Search by part of a name → James Smith can be shortened to Jam Smi. This can result in a larger list.
  • Search by part of a phone number
  • Search by State or Zip
  • Use the operators OR | AND to refine results (operators MUST be capitalized to work)
  • Use the ? symbol to replace a single character (ex: J?ck for finding Jack)
  • Use the * symbol to replace multiple characters (ex: J*k for finding Jack)


For instance, typing "jo" will match words containing "jo". Like: Joe, John, etc. You can type multiple words and your results will include people who match any of those words. Partial names can also be searched in combination to start a quick filter. For example, typing "mar smi" will look for Mary Smith or anyone else with this included. The most relevant results will start at the top.

The results you get back will include a column showing which pieces of information were matched. Suppose you are looking for a member with the following information: Jane Sway; 32 Milky Way Dr. Searching for "way 32" would return her name.


Header Quick Name Search

Pro-Tip You can quickly start searching on ANY page by typing the letter 'S'. Using this quick key will place the cursor in the header search bar.




When in any other area of the member database, there is a persistent search area at the top. This search is restricted to names only. A quick link is also available to immediately open the advanced search to perform additional filtering.


Other Available Searching Tools

Advanced Searching

Query Searching


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