My Reports: Save and Share Your Reports

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My Reports is available for these reports: Giving Overview, Giving Detail, Individual Report, Giving Summary, and Individual Attendance.

Save filtered versions of your reports for repeated reference and then access them all from My Reports. You can even make a set of filters your default for a specific report. This includes three new features:

  1. The My Reports page for quick access and management of your Saved Reports, including Favorite, Make Default, and Share.
  2. On specific reports, a   SAVE button displays after filters have been adjusted, and title drop-down allows selection of other saved versions.
  3. A new permission for Manage Saved Reports gives users the ability to assign “all user” defaults and delete any saved report. (Users can always delete saved reports they created.)

For now, My Reports will only show for users with access to one of the included Giving reports.

Creating and Using Saved Reports




  1. To create a saved report, add changes to the filters for the report and APPLY the changes, then click the save button icon button on the upper right of the report. Give the report a name, and save it.
  2. Saved Reports can be accessed from your My Reports page, or in the title dropdown for any report of the same type.
  3. If you are using a saved report, making changes to filters and saving again will create another version of the report.
  4. To get back to the saved report after applying filter changes, click the Reset button next to the list of filters.


My Reports




On the My Reports page, you can open and manage all your saved reports …

  1. To go to a Saved Report and click on the report name. The opened saved report can be used and changed just like any other report.
  2. Download a PDF or CSV of a report without leaving the My Reports page by clicking the Download icon next to a specific saved report.
  3. Prefer a saved report to be marked as a Favorite. Just click the heart icon for that report. Favorited reports show in a separate "Favorites" section at the top of your My Reports page. On a favorited report, click the heart icon to remove from Favorites.
  4. To share a saved report, click the Arrow icon. Once the report is shared, you can copy a link to the report for easy distribution. If you have permission to share reports (see "Permissions" below), you can set this report to show on the My Reports page for everyone with permission to access this type of report. 
  5. To mark a report as "Default" or to change it's default settings, click the tri-dot icon and select "Default Settings".
    • Anyone with permission to view a report can set a saved version of the report as "Default for Me"... that is, the first report that loads when that person clicks on that type of report from the menu.
    • Individuals with permission to "Delete/Share Saved Reports" can also make a report "Default for All", which affects everyone who accesses the report from a menu.
    • To change a default, set a different report as default.
    • NOTE: A "Default for Me" report will always show as default for a person who has set it, even if a different "Default for All" exists.
  6. To Rename or Delete a report, click the tri-dot icon and select the desired option.


Permissions and Saved Reports

  1. Any individual can edit or delete a saved report they created.
  2. The permission for “Delete/Share Saved Reports” gives the ability to assign “Default for All” and edit or delete any saved report.

NOTE: "Sharing" a report does not give new permissions to the recipient.

  • For security, shared links and reports only function for users with access to that report information.
  • A saved report may show different data if two users with access to different groups both view the report.






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