Giving Data Import Troubleshooting

Admins can import giving from another application into your People Software. The file needs to be a .csv to work. Many spreadsheet and contact manager applications will export or Save-As this format. For instance, in Microsoft Excel, Go to "Save As", and choose "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)" for both Mac and Windows computers. Give the file a name and this will save to the CSV format.



  • First Name and Last Name must be two separate columns. This also applies when Individuals are imported.

  • All column header names must be input EXACTLY for categories that need to be imported, i.e. if the column header in the .csv file is named “Fund” for the fund category given to, the admin would type in the word “Fund” under the input field for Column header for the ‘Category Name’.

  • Spaces in the column header (the top row) names can cause issues with the import. Make sure these spaces before or after the text are removed.

  • The Date format in your CSV must match the Date format selected under the General Settings  → General tab inside your database.

  • Any fields left blank will not be imported.


Import Individuals Not Working?

If, when attempting to import your individuals from a CSV file, you receive a message that says, "Successfully imported 0 new Individuals and updated 0", this usually means that the column headers you typed in on the Import Individuals page didn't match the column headers from your CSV file. Remember, you will need to copy the column header from your CSV file and paste it into the corresponding field on the Import Individuals page. Using the copy/paste method will ensure that the correct syntax is in place so your People Software knows which fields to place where. If your CSV file has "Name" for the column containing first names and you type "First Names" on the Import Individuals page, the information will not transfer properly. 




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