How To Resolve Sync Errors

When you link your People Software with our Giving Software, the system will attempt to automatically match gifts with the correct donor. This eliminates the need for you to manually reconcile gifts, or do any file-based export/imports.

Report Location

We recommend reviewing the ChMS Sync Error Report once per month to resolve any errors, or even once per week if you have a large online giving base.

To find the errors report, navigate to the top right in the Giving Manager software and click General Settings > ChMS Integration (tile) > Sync Errors tab.

giving sync error report

Review the errors listed in the “Messages” column to the far right of the report. You may have to scroll to the right to see the entire message. Be certain to check if a missing transaction was manually entered into your People Software to account for the transaction not automatically syncing Imanual correction was entered in your People Softwareon the Sync Errors page click the tri-dot menu at the right and select Mark As Good to clear the transaction from the list. Using this Action will not send the record over to your People Software again. 
Review the FAQs below to learn more about common errors. 

try sending donation again

If the transaction was not found in your People Software, you’ll want to select Action > Try Again. The transaction should appear in your People Software in 15 minutes or less.


Common Errors

The most common error is an Ambiguous Person Search. This happens when the matching process has found more than one person that meets the search criteria. (This is usually caused when a donor email address is used by more than one person in the database).

To correct this error, click the tri-dot Action button at the far right and choose 'Match Donor.' A suggested name(s) should show in the pop-up window based on information pulled from your People Software. If there is no name, try the search using just the email address, or just the last name and first name. Complete the pairing process to link the donor in giving with the member in the database by clicking the 'Match' button. Then choose the action to "Try again."  This should direct the donations into your People Software properly.

match donors

The donation should disappear from the screen. Within 15 minutes, this donation should now appear on the donors Giving History in your People Software. All future Giving donations will be linked to this same person.



• To fix 'The giving fund is not mapped to a ChMS fund' Error

Go to General Settings > ChMS Integration. This error means you do not have any fund mappings established for this fund or a Default fund set (We don't recommend setting a default fund as a general guideline). 

  • The recommended method is to set up clear fund mapping between Giving and your People Software. Find out more HERE. Then click 'Try Again' under the Action button for each contribution once the mapping is set up to direct the funds into the correct categories.

NOTE: Setting a Default fund will send ANY unmapped fund donation in Online Giving to that fund in your People SoftwareUsually, it is best to NOT set a default fund and review the sync error report so money lands in the correct fund the first time. 

• To fix 'Error saving donation – Bad Request'

Try again on these errors after making sure the fund mapping is correct. Optionally a default fund can be set, but see the above note to understand why a default fund may not be recommended.

• To fix 'First Name and Last Name must be valid'

Go to 'Donors' and find the person whose last name (or first name) is not entered into the appropriate Name field. Then use the tri-dot Action button on the right to Edit Profile. From here you can update the name fields. Then use the tri-dot Action button again to try sending the donation over to your People Software. 

 Other Comparison Options

If you don’t automatically sync with your People Software product, you’ll need to compare records manually and make updates as appropriate. We suggest:

  • Leave the ChMS Sync Errors report open on the screen
  • Select the text and copy/paste into an Excel workbook
  • Taking a screenshot for comparison





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