How To Integrate Your Giving and ChMS Software

Giving Software Integration

Never manually enter online giving donations into your ChMS again! Follow these easy steps below.

Step 1

Log into your giving administration panel.


Step 2

At the top right of the screen, navigate to General Settings  → ChMS Integration

Step 3 

After completing step 2, navigate to the dropdown menu found under "Available Integrations." This is where you will choose your ChMS software to integrate with. Click to select your People Software and continue in the process. 

Note: If you do not see your ChMS Software listed in the dropdown menu, please contact our support team to help you complete the process.


Step 4

Enter your Church Code/Subdomain and click "Authenticate."

Note: Your church code/sub-domain is the first part of your church's ChMS URL and is used to identify your church.

As an example, if your ChMS domain is, then your subdomain is 'mychurch'.



Step 5

Map Your Funds. Make sure to match Giving Funds to your People Software Funds.

It is also recommended to not set any funds as a 'Default' fund. This allows for resolving the Sync Error before pushing the donation to the database.


If a database fund is not listed, make sure to add it to the database first. Then click the button to refresh the fund list.


Step 6

Click the button to activate the database integration. (the 'Donor Envelope' option can be left on the default option "No")



Matching Logic Details

When a donor completes a transaction online, the matching logic between Giving & ChMS follows this process:

  • If the donor is already mapped (matched) to an individual in your People Software, then we create a contribution record within your People Software for that person.

  • If the donor isn't mapped (matched) to an individual in your People Software, then we search your People Software for the person, based on the E-mail address and Name.

    • If a match is found, then we create a contribution record and link (map) the two records together, so all future donations are attributed to the matched individual.

    • If a match isn’t found, then we create a new person and corresponding a contribution record (provided 'New Person Mapping' is enabled in your Giving Software).

    • We then update the donor record in Giving with your People Software user ID so all future donations are attributed to the matched individual.

Important: If an exact match can't be found, we create what's called a Sync Error. Despite the name, these are helpful to ensure the accuracy of a donor's giving history. We recommend reviewing Sync Errors at least once per month.

Learn How to Resolve Sync Errors




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