Input Giving towards Pledges – Individual


Before entering donations, make sure a Campaign has been created and Pledges are set up for members.  More information is available to Create A Campaign and Enter Pledge Information.


You can input giving towards a pledge from the individual’s record. Navigate to Individuals and search or click on an individual’s name. Click the Giving tab and then select + Giving Entry. Select the Fund from the drop-down list and enter the Date, Amount, and Check Number. The pledge will be auto chosen based on the Fund selected.



You can enter a Note (shows up when viewing details of giving on individual record and on statements) and then use the Pledge drop-down list to select the pledge to which to apply the gift. 

Note: During the gift entry, if the selected donor has multiple pledges, then the dropdown will list each of those pledges along with the expected periodic amount.  You will only be able to select a pledge that is associated with the chosen Fund.  






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