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Download The Check Scanner

Supported Check Scanning Hardware

Canon CR-series

A few important notes:

  1. The software runs only on Windows, not on Mac.
  2. Before you install our software, please make sure that you have fully installed the drivers that came with your check scanner.
  3. Currently, the software works with any Canon CR-series check scanner. If you have an existing check scanner that is not a Canon CR-series, and the scanner came with the Ranger driver, yours may work as well. We recommend contacting our support team in these cases to ensure all hardware and drivers that are needed to operate the software successfully are present.
  4. Unzip the above file and then run the setup.exe file.  NOTE: you will get a security warning.  This is normal and OK.  Click either the “More Info” link that you see and/or the “Run Anyway” to complete the installation.
  5. Once the installation is finished, you can run the Check Scanner program.  It will prompt you to log in to your People Software account.
  6. When you are prompted to log in, you will include your full URL as the domain name, i.e.

Using the Check Scanning utility

  1. Check scanning is designed for batch input.  A batch is a collection of contributions, usually from the same day or weekend.  To begin scanning, click the “Set Batch” button, then use the “Create a Batch” section to give it a name, expected total, and date received.  Click “Add”.  (NOTE: We do recommend pre-totaling your items manually first, as an additional check-and-balance during your data entry process.)
  2. Click the Start Scanner button to initiate your hardware. 
  3. When the hardware is ready, you can scan your first check.  You should see information populate in the check scanning window.  Your software will attempt to match the name on the check with an individual in your  database.  You can either manually change the name matched, or add a new person if the donor is not already in the system.
  4. If the person wrote designations in the Memo line, you can use the Split button to assign various amounts to funds in your People Software giving profile.  (NOTE: these fund names are managed within your People Software by clicking on Settings → Giving Edit Giving Funds).
  5. Be sure that the amount, check number, and account/routing numbers are correct.  These will be used in future check scans to ensure accuracy in matching.
  6. Click to submit the donation and move on to the next item.  Repeat the above steps 3-5 for each item in your batch.
  7. When finished, click the Save button.  This will complete the session.  All data should now be saved in your People Software, with the donations credited to the proper donors.


Check images are stored and accessible on the donor's profile under their Giving tab.​

Find the donor profile of the person having trouble with the MICR association and then go to the Giving tab. Use the check image to manage the associated accounts.

manage added micr accounts

After clicking the check icon, the listed accounts will be in the pop-up modal. To remove an associated bank account, simply use the X on the right side to delete it.

list of associated micr accounts

Handling Bank Checks

Many donors use their bank’s online service to electronically dispatch a check to you.  These checks arrive in the mail, with the donor’s name, but they are actually written by the bank.  Since many of these banks use the same account number for many customers, it’s important to verify that the checks you scan are properly matched to the right donors.

If you identify a bank check, check the "bank check" box so your software won't attach the routing and account number to the person who is giving the gift, since gifts from other people could very well use that same routing/account number combination. 




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