Calendar: What's the difference between Filters and Views?

Within the calendar, you can show or hide various events from the screen. There are two ways to do this.

When to use Filters

Filters allow you to show/hide events based on certain criteria. Filters are additive, meaning that if you select multiple filters, you will see events that match at least one of your selections. 



These include:

  • Property: Show events that are marked with a certain property (you can define your properties within calendar settings).
  • Equipment: Show events that use certain equipment such as chairs, projectors, coffee service, etc. (you can set up your equipment items within calendar settings).
  • Rooms: Show events that take place in specific room(s) (you can set up your rooms within calendar settings).
  • Vehicles: Show events that require vehicles, such as van or bus (you can set up your vehicles within calendar settings). 
  • People: Show events that involve specific people. People are added when events are created, and they must be people who are already in your database as individuals.
  • Campus: If your church is multi-campus, you can show events that only take place at a certain campus (set up your campuses within calendar settings).

When to use Views

Views are simply a collection of Filters, which you save for easy re-use later. Once a View has been created, you can show it anytime, and you can also embed it on another Website. Learn more about creating Views on your calendar.





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